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Deploy functions on any infrastructure managed through a single UI.

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Functions as a service

Your own FaaS built-in to GitLab

Functions-as-a-service (FaaS) allows you to write small, discrete units of code with event-based execution. Developers deploy code without worrying about the infrastructure it will run on. Code executes when it's needed so you don't use compute resources while your app is idle. GitLab Serverless allows you to run your own FaaS on any infrastructure without the vendor lock-in of traditional cloud function services.

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Kubernetes and Knative

Kubernetes and Knative

Gain flexibility and portability by running serverless workloads on Kubernetes. Knative is an open source framework for building, deploying, and managing serverless workloads on Kubernetes. Install Knative to your cluster with a single click using the GitLab Kubernetes integration. GitLab Serverless uses Knative to create a seamless experience for the entire DevOps lifecycle.

GitLab + Kubernetes
Cloud or on-premises infrastructure

Deploy on any infrastructure

Go multi-cloud With GitLab Serverless and deploy to any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. GitLab connects to any Kubernetes cluster so you can choose to run your Serverless workloads anywhere Kubernetes runs.

Connect a cluster
Functions as a service

Auto-scaling with scale to zero

Leveraging Knative Serving your Kubernetes cluster automatically scales pods up and down based on load. "Scale to zero" stops consuming resources when there are no requests.

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