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What is Auto DevOps?

You commit your code and GitLab does the rest. No manual configuration.

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GitLab Auto DevOps eliminates the complexities of getting going with automated software delivery by automatically setting up the pipeline and necessary integrations, freeing up your teams to focus on the culture part. With Auto DevOps, everyone can skip the manual work of configuration such as security auditing and vulnerability testing, and focus on the creative and human aspects of software creation.

Auto DevOps simplifies and accelerates delivery with a complete delivery pipeline out of the box. Simply commit code and GitLab does the rest. Auto DevOps . . .

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Sign up

Get an account on or a set up GitLab on your self-managed server.

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Get a license

Install your license to begin connecting your server.

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Connect your cluster

Connect GitLab to your Kubernetes cluster. Don't have a cluster? Create one in a few clicks with the GitLab GKE integration.

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Install Runners

Install CI runners to get your server going (not needed on

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