Why Starter/Bronze?

GitLab Starter/Bronze

Starter / Bronze is designed for smaller individual teams where they don't need to support compliance and governance needs found in larger organizations. GitLab Starter / Bronze can help your team accelerate delivery and improve efficiency with process automation, release prioritization and workflow optimization.

Left to right faster

Get work done, one task at a time. Enjoy the benefits of moving work from WIP to done & shipped faster. Supervise the complete lifecycle of your work and enhance its quality earlier. Target all root causes and enable your team to fuel their collaboration by measuring contribution efforts across the board and assessing gaps. Team up around issue boards and push forward together in one single application for all the DevOps requirements.

Improving code quality and project documentation performed by physicist and devs alike.

CERN, where the World Wide Web was devised and designed, powers the their more than 12k developers with Gitlab to perform 120k CI jobs a month in over > > 35k projects.

“It's clearly a powerful tool to do our operations, code collaboration and record discussions on our development and deployment process. We can do more > > because we can handle more complex projects. As an individual, I'm able to be involved with several large projects because I can rely on GitLab, and the other development tools that we have deployed around GitLab, to keep track of things.”

Alex Lossent Version Control Systems Service Manager, CERN IT department Read CERN's full transformation story using Gitlab Starter

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A DevOps Platform at your service in one single app

One data model for all your assets. One single application to drive your team efforts in one direction: your clients. One single source of truth for all your teams. Wipe toolchain connection nightmare and simplify your DevOps platform. Make every single effort count.

Starter Specific Features

Remove friction and move the needle together

Distribute different tasks to different team members and let them work together to deliver results Multiple assignees
Features Value
Weights Prioritize and move forward what moves the needle
Multiple assignees Get collaboration going by letting the different profiles in your teams work on the same place concurrently
Related issues Browse fast connected issues across groups and projects. Birds-eye view of all progress in the same direction

Context switching no more

Toggle away distractions and let nothing get in your way Focus mode
Features Value
Configuration Keep your team's work together with different issue boards that live within the same project
Focus mode Reduce potential context switching by getting rid of other elements in the UI
Reorder issues Drag and drop you issue lists to drive your development efforts the way you want

Granular permission settings to drive progress

Securely control key actions allowing only selected profiles to perform them Multiple approval rules
Features Value
Multiple approvers Multiple and selective sign off of merge request to speed up release in control
Merge approvals A set of approvers can provide more trust to the eventual result of a merge being confirmed
Code owners Select anyone from the team – not necessarily a developer – to have approval permissions and broaden the projects reach

Attack operational gaps in a targeted way

Understand team contribution and identify opportunities Group analytics
Features Value
Contributor analytics Understand and assess the different operational gaps your projects may run into
Advanced search Nail down resource and component search to promote inner sourcing
Push rules, restricted push & MRs Automate and concatenate actions based on the commit messages of the pushes to repos

Code Quality & Visual Reviews

Feedback in context and in the right Merge Request In context feedback
Features Value
Code quality Measure the impact of development practices and improve them faster
Visual reviews Let reviewers provide feedback in the live environment where changes have been applied: reliable and faster feedback loops
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