Category Direction - Analysis

🔍 Analysis

The Analysis category covers GitLab's internal needs for an Analysis tool that serves the Product Department.

Please reach out to Tim Hey, Interim Product Manager for Telemetry (E-Mail if you'd like to provide feedback or ask questions about what's coming.

🔭 Vision


🎭 Target audience

Parker (Product Manager) - Persona Description

Dana (Data Analyst) - Persona Description

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🚀 What's next & why

🔥 Current focus

Priority Focus Why?
1️⃣ Pendo Implementation for GitLab hosted services is an wildly popular, industry standard data collection and analysis tool widely used by many organisations to gain insights into how their users are using their products. GitLab has decided to subscribe to and implement Pendo whilst we improve our in-house data collection and analysis options and develop the overall vision for the Telemetry group.

🎉 Next up

Priority Focus Why?
2️⃣ Product Team Dashboards Parallel to improving SMAU/MAU v2.0., it's important that we roll out the process defined by the Telemetry working group to all of the other stages so that each Product Manager has visibility into how users are using their stage and stage categories.