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Content Last Reviewed 2020-03-27

Introduction and how you can help

Welcome to the category strategy for Quality Management, part of the Plan stage's Certify group. To provide feedback or ask questions, please reach out to the group's Product Manager, Mark Wood (E-mail).

We believe in a world where everyone can contribute. We value your contributions, so here are some ways to join in!


Many organizations manage quality through both manual and automated testing. This testing is supported by artifacts such as test plans, test cases, and test execution runs. These artifacts are then integrated back with documented issues and feature requirements, allowing for feature-test traceability and quantifying coverage. Quality management in GitLab addresses these problems and use cases.

We have performed a Solution Validation for the Quality Management MVC.

What's next & why

The first step in building out Quality Management is a scaffolding framework for testing. In particular, we are calling these test cases, test suites, and test sessions. These will be first class native objects in GitLab, used to track the quality process of testing itself.

The MVC can be seen at At present, we're hoping to begin work on the MVC in GitLab 13.3.

Competitive landscape

Competitors in this space include qTest, Test Rail, and HPQC (HP Quality Center). They are focused on managing test cases as part of the software development lifecycle. Our approach and response will be to have similar basic test case management features (i.e. test objects), and then quickly move horizontally to integrate with other places in GitLab, such as issues and epics and even requirements management. See With this strategy, we would not be necessarily competing directly with these existing incumbents, but helping users with the integration pains of multiple tools and leveraging other, more mature areas of GitLab as we iterate.

Analyst landscape

We have yet to engage more closely with analysts in this area. As this product category is prioritized for improvements as our Plan product and engineering headcount grows, we expect to engage more with analysts.

Top Customer Success/Sales issue(s)

Few GitLab customers or prospects have asked about Quality Management. But the few that have, are asking about best practices and how they can possibly use GitLab and not worry with another tool. We are considering for that very purpose.

Top user issue(s)

Issue 👍
GitLab Quality Center 36
Test case management and test tracking in a Native Continuous Delivery way 10
Test cases and test suites 8

Top internal customer issue(s)

We continue to work with GitLab's Quality Team to scope out the MVC of quality management. See

Top Vision Item(s)

The top Vision Item for this category is to release the MVC. It is our goal that by performing careful solution validation, we will come out with an initial offering for this product category which matches well with our target customers.