Product Direction - Project Management


This page contains the product direction for the Project Management group. The Project Management group enables teams to collaborate together on plans and requirements through issues and issue boards. The Project Management group is responsible for two distinct product categories:

Category Description
Issue Tracking Discuss implementations with your team within issues
Issue Boards Organize and prioritize your workflow
Time Tracking Track estimate time and time spent on the conclusion of an issue or merge request

If you'd like to discuss this strategy directly with the product manager for Project Management, please feel free to reach out to Gabe Weaver via e-mail


How we prioritize

We use the following decision framework when evaluating what to work on. Each idea must meet all three of the minimum criteria and two of the extreme criteria.

  Criteria 1 Criteria 2 Criteria 3
Minimum (3 of 3) simplifies collaboration reduces the friction to contributing aligned with market direction
Extreme (2 of 3) enhances the ability to build trust decreases manual effort increases clarity and purpose

Next Few Releases

This is a list of epics that we are working on in FY20-Q4 (November to January). More information on the currently prioritized items can be found within the Category level direction pages.

Issue Tracking


One Year Plan

We've written a mock press release describing where we intend to be by 2020-09-01. We will maintain this and update it as we sense and respond to our customers and the wider community.

Three Year Vision

The working format for this vision is a set of bullet points that represent major areas we ought to be really far along in solving by this point in time.

Sense and Respond Diagram