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Last reviewed: 2020-07-15

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👋 This is the category direction for Jira Importer in GitLab; which is part of the Plan stage's Project Management group. Please reach out to the group's Product Manager, Gabe Weaver (E-mail), if you'd like to provide feedback or ask any questions related to this product category.

This category direction is a work in progress and everyone can contribute:


Jira is one of the most common project and portfolio managmenet tools with roughly 34% market share. Many GitLab customers that purchase GitLab for source code management or CI/CD functionality continue to use Jira due to:

We are focusing on providing a great Jira importing experience in lock step with improving GitLab's planning capabilities. It is our goal to make it effortless for our customers to start realizing the increased value and efficiencies that are unlocked when project and product management is colocated within the same application as the rest of the DevOps lifecycle.

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These are the epics and issues that we will be working on over the next few releases:

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This category is currently at the 😊Minimal maturity level. We are tracking our progress against becoming 😁Viable via this epic.

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This is a non-marketing category which was created as a specific strategy to help drive our 1 year plan of importing from Jira without losting required data. While the importer itself is an important component of this, we also need to maintain focus on adding capabilities to GitLab that enable us to win successfully against competitors like Jira.

We will likely be working towards merging the work we've done on the importer with the Jira integration so users have the option to complete a 1 time import and maintain an ongoing 2 way data syncronization between Jira Issues and GitLab Issues.