Upcoming features for paid tiers

The list is an outline of Direction issues coming up in each paid tier. These are tentpole features – the most important features of upcoming releases – and don't include most contributions from volunteers outside the company. You can also view features organized by upcoming releases or past releases.

Note that we often move things around, do things that are not listed, and cancel things that are listed. Some of the things listed here might not ever be in GitLab. This is our best estimate of where new features will land, but is in no way definitive.


Starter features are available to anyone with an Enterprise Edition subscription (Starter, Premium, Ultimate).


Premium features are only available to Premium (and Ultimate) subscribers.


Ultimate is for organizations that have a need to build secure, compliant software and that want to gain visibility of - and be able to influence - their entire organization from a high level. Ultimate features are only be available to Ultimate subscribers.