Category Direction - GitLab Self-Monitoring

Introduction and how you can help

Thank you for visiting this category strategy page on GitLab self monitoring project. This category belongs to and is maintained by the APM group of the Monitor stage. The scope of the Self monitoring project is community contribution (including non-Development GitLab team members). GitLab instrumentation is not in the scope of this project.

Target Audience and Experience

The target audience is primarily ~"Persona: Systems Administrator," in particular the administrators responsible for operating GitLab.

We also plan to allow administrators to expose a user facing status page, to easily communicate the health of the instance and any active incidents.

Using GitLab to monitor GitLab

The Self-monitoring project MVC officially shipped in 12.8. With it GitLab administrators can now gain insights into the health of their GitLab instances. Once activated, a default dashboard with set of KPI's will be available for the project out of the box, users will be able to add metrics to the dashboard from the list of availabe metrics which automatically picked up by our internal Prometheus instance.

What's Next & Why

The self-monitoring projects now act as a standard GitLab project, its default dashboard is a custom dashboard, the metrics streamed to GitLab's metrics chart in a similar way to a project with manual prometheus configuration. Improvements to the self monitoring project will be mainstreamed in a similar fashion to any other improvment the APM team is working on, this way we can garantee that any new features or functionality that gets add to our product will be available immediately for the GitLab self monitoring project.

Maturity Plan