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Category DevOps Reports
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Content Last Reviewed 2020-08-06

Introduction and how you can help

Thanks for visiting the direction page for DevOps Reports in GitLab. This page is being actively maintained by the Product Manager for the Analytics group. If you'd like to contribute or provide feedback on our category direction, you can:

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GitLab has a extraordinary breadth for a single application, allowing users to implement the entire DevOps Lifecycle with ten stages of functionality ranging from portfolio planning and management; on the one hand, all the way to monitoring and service desk on the other. Each of these stages offers persona specific dashboards such our security dashboard, a dashboard for monitoring applications, for auditors and compliance officers, for engineers tracking the progress of code reviews or software development leaders who want to understand fluctuations in the productivity their software teams.

With this breadth, GitLab has the potential to provide a level of insight that few others can match. To help users more fully realize this potential we want to address one important view we currently lack: the ability to pull all of these disparate pieces together into a single comprehensive view that cuts across stage boundaries.

The DevOps Reports category aims to address this by providing users the ability to aggregate data across all of GitLab in useful ways, drill-in for additional detail and analysis, and contextualize performance indicators by identifying areas of opportunity.


What's Next and Why

Specific near term steps in this area include:

Maturity Plan

This category is currently Minimal. The next step in our maturity plan is achieving a Viable state of maturity.