Category Direction - Compliance Frameworks

Last Reviewed: 2020-02-07

Compliance Frameworks

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Problem to solve

An organization using GitLab needs to ensure their users are complying with the legal and regulatory requirements that govern their industry. Part of managing this compliance is knowing what rules need to be in place for specific areas or functions of the business.

Currently, there's no way for an organization to know, within GitLab, what groups or projects are subject to particular compliance requirements.


Compliance Frameworks is currently in the planned state. This is because we don't yet have a way to associate groups and projects with specific Compliance Frameworks.

In order to bring Compliance Frameworks to the viable state, we will be implementing features that allow GitLab group owners and administrators to assign specific Compliance Controls to projects. These controls should introduce simple, but meaningful controls to govern activity within a project, such as ensuring merge request approval rules are adhered to and cannot be bypassed without explicit approval.

What's Next & Why

We'll be iterating on Compliance Frameworks to incorporate additional requirements from SOC 2, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and more.

We'd like to leverage the GitLab Control Framework as a single source of truth. By using the GCF, a group owner or administrator could apply specific GCF controls to a project to support multiple legal and regulatory frameworks as opposed to requiring separate framework assignments.

Examples of the GCF controls:

We're currently exploring the GCF as a mapping precedent in this discovery vision issue and we encourage you to provide your feedback.

How you can help

This vision is a work in progress, and everyone can contribute: