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GitLab’s documentation is crafted to help users, admins, and decision-makers learn about GitLab features and to optimally implement and use GitLab to meet their DevOps needs. Its source is developed and stored with the product in its respective paths within the GitLab CE, EE, Runner, and Omnibus repositories. The documentation is published at (offering multiple versions of all products’ documentation) and at the /help/ path on each GitLab instance’s domain, with content for that instance’s version and edition.

Our goal is to create documentation that is complete, accurate, and easy to use. It should be easy to browse or search for the information you need, and easy to contribute to the documentation itself. All standards and practices for contributing documentation are found within the docs in the GitLab Documentation guidelines section.

Target Audience

GitLab Users: Users of GitLab rely on accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive documentation of the features available.

GitLab Team Members: GitLab team members are both contributors to and consumers of the documentation. While the Technical Writing team owns the documentation, all team members can and do contribute to the them.

Leadership & Decision-makers: The GitLab documentation site is a valuable resource for decision-makers to compare features across versions and evaluate implementation details that may impact a purchasing decision.

Where we are Headed

Our current focus is on improving the information architecture, usability, and overall content of the documentation. Specifically, we're working to:

Additionally, we want to lower the barrier to contributing changes by integrating the static site editor.

What is Not Planned Right Now

At this time, we are not investigating any significant architecture changes like migrating to a new static site generator.

We're not currently investing in localization of the documentation.

Maturity Plan

Currently, the GitLab Documentation Site category is a non-marketing category which means its maturity does not get tracked. However, for the sake of measuring improvement, the GitLab Documentation Site is marked as Complete with intentions of moving it to Lovable.

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