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Introduction and how you can help

Thanks for visiting this category page on Cluster Cost Optimization in GitLab. This vision is a work in progress and everyone can contribute. Sharing your feedback directly on issues and our public epic at is the best way to contribute to our vision. If you’re a GitLab user and have direct knowledge of your need for cluster cost optimization, we’d especially love to hear from you.

Cluster Cost Optimization

Cloud cost management and optimization (CCMO) is an important tool in any CIO's toolkit for the following:

While these considerations also apply for organizations operating Kubernetes, Cluster cost optimization are a bit different from traditional CCMO tools. Kubernetes is by default, a multi-cloud enabler and enables auto-scaling out-of-the-box, both of which are value propositions for traditional CCMO vendors that is less applicable for companies running Kubernetes.

GitLab is well positioned to provide a comprehensive solution for cluster cost optimization because GitLab's integration with the project or group's Kubernetes cluster.

Potential iterations to a viable solution are listed below:

What's next & why

Kubecost, a cross-platform cluster cost management tool that can support several clusters and comes with its own Prometheus and Grafana installations, may be a quick way to get this category to minimal maturity. gitlab-#216737 is the first step in determining if we can display kubecost data in GitLab. Then we can decide if we would like to partner with them to provide an integrated experience with their full product offering and support single pod installations as an MVC.

Currently, we have a sample kubecost project where we are testing the integration. In addition, we have also begun to evaluate this kubecost helm chart as a potential integration method.

If you are interested in learning more, consider contributing feedback to the kubecost - GitLab integration issue.

Aside from the above kubecost work, we are not actively prioritizing development work in this category. We would welcome your contribution in this space.

Competitive landscape

There's a long tail of competitors and solutions for CIOs in this space with no clear winner. Competition have varying perspectives from different vantage points on how to optimize spend. is the solution most in line with GitLab's desire to address cluster cost optimization.

The changing landscape has led to some recent consolidation in the Cloud cost management and optimization (CCMO) space with the acquisition of CloudHealth by VMWare and Cloudability by Apptio. The aquisition enabled VMWare to have a more complete multi-cloud offering, while Apptio now has a more complete on-premise+cloud offering, enabling them to target enterprises going through cloud migration with one integrated solution for optimizing spend.

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