GitLab vs VictorOps



VictorOps is incident management software that pulls in data from other sources like log management, monitoring, and chat tools to provide a single, unified view into system health. By automating alert delivery, VictorOps aims to provide a streamlined on-call experience to alert the correct people when they are needed, and provide them the data needed to resolve incidents quickly. In 2018, VictorOps was acquired by Splunk. VictorOps itself does not provide functionality such as monitoring, logging, metrics, tracing, SCM, or issue management. Instead, it relies on a variety of integrations with other tools in order to provide incident managment.

GitLab provides an entire DevOps toolchain in a single application. From issue tracking and source code management to CI/CD, security, and monitoring, GitLab's approach provides all the data needed to pre-integrate it into a single holistic application. Today, GitLab provides a breadth of monitoring features (like metrics, tracing, and logging) built in with some incident management capabilities. GitLab's vision and roadmap for monitoring and incident management is to provide a depth of functionality in these categories. Because VictorOps supports sources that GitLab uses - such as Sentry for error tracking and Prometheus for time-series monitoring and alerts - it is possible to use GitLab together with VictorOps.