Codefresh is a CI/CD tool designed for containers and Kubernetes. Codefresh features a GitLab integration that allows you to use GitLab for version control and run Codefresh pipelines on your code. Codefresh has some features that make it more mature than GitLab for running pipelines across multiple projects. But it lacks the benefits of a single application.

Codefresh charges for builds per month, as well as concurrent builds. GitLab has no such limitations with the ability to elastically scale Runners to handle as many concurrent builds as needed on demand and then scale down so you aren't paying to keep inactive Runners up.

Codefresh only offers a self-managed option for Enterprise pricing. Free, Basic, and Pro tiers are for SaaS-only. GitLab offers self-managed and SaaS options at every price point.



Additional CodeFresh Capabilities

Private Helm repository

Global Helm repo configuration

Helm Repository browser

Helm release boards

Helm environment board

Zero configuration caching/artifacts using docker volumes

Distributed Docker layer caching

Custom docker image annotations

Inline pipeline editor