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Buildkite is a continuous integration tool designed to improve software developer productivity. Buildkite product consists of three main components: - Agent: Is a small, cross-platform build runner that is enables an enterprise to run its builds in their own infrastructure. Agents run on several platforms including Ubuntu, Debian, Mac, Windows, Docker, and others. Agents can only run one build job at one time. - Pipelines: Are containers to define and model the build workflows and also to kick off post build steps. - Deployments: These are steps that run after a build is complete and can be either triggered automatically or manually.

As a smaller company with limited resources, Buildkite has taken a strategy of using plug-ins to extend its functionality and to integrate with other software. It is unclear how many community plug-ins have been developed. However as on 3/10/2020 there are about 19 supported plug-ins provided by Buildkite.




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