Atlassian Bamboo



Bamboo Server is a CI/CD solution which is part of the Atlassian suite of developer tools. It is available only in a self-managed configuration and is a closed source solution. Bamboo offers build, test, and deployment automation, and has tight integrations to Atlassian Bitbucket (for SCM) and Fisheye (for understanding how source code has changed), as well as integrations to over 150 other tools. In contrast, GitLab offers a git-based SCM, SCM integrations, and code change traceability out of the box in a single application.

Bamboo offers a GUI for defining build plans, and offers pipeline as code through Java and Yaml. Bamboo also offers deployment plans (which include the notion of environments and releases), pre-deployment visibility, and per-environment deployment permissions. GitLab also offers release tracking across environments and deep visibility into the changes in a deployment, but sets deployment permissions based on branch permissions.

Bamboo does not offer monitoring. GitLab includes monitoring as part of its single application.

Bamboo steps can be run in parallel across agents, and those agents can be auto-scaled based on need if Bamboo is configured for a feature called Elastic Bamboo. Elastic Bamboo requires the use of "remote agents", which you pay extra for (see pricing). Organizations who want auto-scaling are also locked in to using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and paying Amazon separately for their usage. In contrast, GitLab does not charge per remote agent (runner) and scales with a variety of cloud and container solutions.