MS Azure Monitor



Azure Monitor is a Microsoft tool for collecting and analyzing metrics from your cloud and on-premises environments. It provides insight on how applications are performing, and identifies issues affecting them and the resources they depend on. Data collected by Azure Monitor fits into one of two types: metrics and logs. Metrics are numerical values that describe some aspect of a system at a particular point in time. Logs contain different kinds of data organized into records, with different sets of properties for each type.

GitLab has a powerful monitoring capability with Prometheus, a time-series monitoring service, providing a flexible platform for monitoring GitLab and other software products. GitLab provides out of the box monitoring with Prometheus, providing easy access to high quality time-series monitoring of GitLab services. GitLab has built-in monitoring that can automatically monitor your deployed applications, with extensive support for native cloud, container, and microservices technology. Additionally, Gitlab uses Jaeger, an open source end-to-end distributed tracing system used for monitoring and troubleshooting microservices-based distributed systems.